Unfortunately, the decision has been made to close the restaurant down for a period from the 13th of April 2017 due to heavy building construction on our doorstep.

Thank you so much for your fantastic support since we opened Giusto Bar Eatery, it has been greatly appreciated. We have endeavoured to provide fresh and tasty food and friendly, efficient service
over the past nine months.

The reviews we have gathered online and in print have proved to us that we are a critical success, however the ever-present construction with noise, dust and vibration has prevented us from securing any consistent trade.

In the meantime, The Immigrant’s Son Espresso will trade from the site. We will provide your morning coffee, the odd scone and a relaxing atmosphere for meetings from 8am until midday,
Monday through Friday.

The positive thing is that with time, we will come back and be better than ever…

Thank you once again for your continued support… We will miss your smiling faces!!!

Warm regards,

Giusto Management