Breakfast/Brunch Menu

Brunch Menu – Until 3pm Daily

Espresso roasted granola, yogurt, honey, toasted coconut, mixed seeds, goji berries, seasonal fruit, seed crisp 13
Porridge, honey roasted stone fruit, pumpkin seeds, coconut ricotta +# 14.5
Moroccan scrambled eggs, spiced chickpeas, mixed herbs, chili, pumpkin hummus, 5 grain 19
– Add merguez spiced deer 24.5
Avocado on toast, coconut ricotta, mixed sprouts, lemon wedge, thyme salt, seed crisp, #29 EVO # 16
Sweet corn polenta, streaky bacon, poached eggs, micro herb and heirloom tomato salad, lardo soldier, beer  vinegar dressing 24
Dukkah crusted salmon, rosti, poached eggs, stone fruit and sprout salad, sugar snap peas, smoked feta * 26
5 grain French toast, stone fruits, honey comb, yogurt 17
– Merguez spiced deer shoulder, pumpkin hummus, micro herbs, spinach, pistachios * 20
– Char-grilled haloumi and cauliflower, avocado whip, garden greens, dukkah * 18


Streaky bacon 5
Eggs any way 4
Dukkah crusted salmon 11
5 grain toast 4
Avocado, lemon wedge, thyme salt 6.5
Tomato and spinach saute, spring onions, mixed herbs 6.5
Herb Rosti 6

Our in-house roasted coffee blends: IMMIGRANT’S SON ESPRESSO

  • Radicato (a vibrant fix)
  • Giusto (Fairtrade / Organic)
  • Rituale (original)
  • Swiss water (decaf)
  • Freshly processed juices
  • House sodas
  • Teas
  • Smoothies