The Immigant's Son Espresso

Immigrant’s Son Espresso

The Immigrant’s Son espresso was founded in 2005 by Andrew Meo – son of the Italian immigrant, Antonino Meo. Antonino arrived in New Zealand with a suitcase, a passion for good food and good coffee. Naturally Andrew inherited this passion and his expertise in the industry laid the foundations for The Immigrant’s Son espresso.

Today’s head roaster claims Andrew passed on to him the secret philosophy of the Italian coffee Gods: ‘modo di vivere’ – ‘a way of life’. Today our small team live and work by this philosophy and pay our respects to the powers that be by producing the finest espresso The Immigrant’s Son can make.

Rituale Blend

The Italian word ‘rituale’, as one would imagine, translates as ritual. We believe in the ritual associated with the roasting and preparation of coffee – coffee for us is a ‘modo di vivere’; a way of life. It’s best served as a short or long black or as a flat white. A medium roast allows the subtle characteristics of the Rituale blend to come through to allow for a full rounded flavour to the cup.


Radicato Blend

Our Radicato Blend has a higher level of acidity and is roasted slightly darker and as such is more suited to milk based coffees. If you love your morning latte fix then this blend is for you. Up front you will taste the lighter berry notes of this blend which finishes with dark chocolate tones. A blend suited to both espresso and plunger.


Giusto Blend

Our Giusto Blend is an organic and fair trade blend based around South American and Papua New Guinea beans. A vibrant and fruity flavour first hits the palate before melding into a smooth body with balanced acidity. Walnut flavours round off this medium blend.


Decaff Blend

Our decaff blend is brought to you via the Swiss Water process, which extracts caffeine from green beans by distilling it through water. This process uses no chemicals and as such after roasting, The Immigrant’s Son decaf Espresso arrives in your cup 100% chemical free and organic.


When Antonino Meo came to New Zealand from Italy he brought old ways to his new land. A love of good food and a passion for good coffee, things not easily found in 1951 New Zealand. For Antonino, coffee was a ‘modo di vivere’, a way of life. There was always the ritual, always the respect.

In a land where we are all Immigrants he embraced those around him. Even those of us who weren’t his family were made part of his family; his love for espresso passed on to us. Today we source the world’s best beans, carefully roast them and deliver them to you, just as Antonino would have it – the finest coffee The Immigrant’s Son can make.