Lunch & Dinner Menu

Lunch / Dinner Menu

Beetroot cured salmon, barley, mixed herb salad, orange and poppy seed dressing, mixed seeds, tzatziki 18
Pulled Merguez spiced deer, smoked onions, chive cream, crisps * 17
Coconut ricotta, roast beetroot, garden greens, smoked feta, stone fruit* 15
Chargrilled pork chop, fennel and feijoa slaw, rosti, honey mustard dressing *+ 29
Lamb back strap, barley, labneh, mixed herbs, garden greens, raspberry dressing, rocket, dukkha 30
Haloumi salad, pumpkin hummus, courgette ribbons, citrus, char grilled cauliflower, golden raisins, mixed seeds, baby spinach, burnt lemon dressing * 24
Tri tip steak, corn polenta, dragon fruit, snow peas, heirloom tomatoes, sprouts, pumpkin seeds, spring onion, #29 EVO * 28
Roast chicken, quinoa, citrus, garden greens, mixed seeds herbs, date paste, fenugreek dressing, smoked feta* 27
Roast eggplant, broccoli, lentils, beetroot, coconut ricotta, goji berries, seeds, garden greens *+# 24
Textures of chocolate, coffee panna cotta, meringue 12
Pistachio cake, raspberry glass, honeycomb, cream 12
Affogato 9
Duck fat roast potatoes *+ 6
Lentils, roast eggplant, spinach *# 7
Broccoli, cranberries, seeds *# 7
Roast beetroot, rocket, smoked feta* 8